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Hearing Tests: How Often You Should Get Them

by Jeff Reynolds

If you have a vision problem and you use glasses, you probably get your eyes checked once or twice a year. You may also be cautious about your teeth, and you make regular visits to your dentist for an examination. Most people are not aware that they should also get their hearing tested. As long as someone can hear they will consider this test inappropriate. However, you should frequently get your hearing tested. How often you get the hearing tests depends mostly on your age and your job. Here is how frequent you should get the tests depending on these factors.


In some countries, newborns get their first test before they leave the hospital. However, in places where a test is not done when they are born, it is recommended that toddlers get a hearing screening at the age of two. This test is important because it will determine whether the child may have a hearing loss. If the screening shows that there is a possibility for hearing loss, a pediatric audiologist should perform a complete test on the child. Children should have a test again before they start school. If you also notice that your child has speech problems, you should have them get a hearing test.  


Adults below 50 should have a hearing test once in ten years. However, if you work at noisy places such as construction sites, bars or if you have noisy hobbies such as using power tools, you should have frequent screenings. Despite the fact that you use protective gears at work, you should get a test each year. When you reach 50, you should ensure that you get a complete hearing exam. This is because the chances of experiencing hearing loss increase with age. However, it is not easy to detect hearing loss, and someone may live with it for many years before it is discovered. After 50, you should have a hearing screening each year and a full test once in three years. If you find it difficult to hear what someone is saying or you feel that the radio or TV is loud even when it is on low volume, you should get a test immediately.

Using Hearing Aids

Hearing aids should also be checked frequently. Therefore, if you are using the aids, they should be checked twice in a year and have the hearing screening once in three years. This is because the program settings on the hearing aids should be altered in case there is a change in your hearing.