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  • How to Avoid Irritation From Sports Tape

    23 November 2021

    Sports tape is supposed to help, not hurt, but irritation is a common complaint after using the tape. The irritation can occur due to a number of reasons, so you need to look closely, both figuratively and literally, at what exactly is causing your skin to become so irritated. Once you figure that out, you can adjust your tape use or change the type of tape you use. Use the Right Amount of Tape

  • Three types of hearing aid that could help with your hearing loss

    24 September 2021

    For anyone suffering from hearing loss, hearing aids can make a huge difference. They work by amplifying the sound that comes into your ear and screening out some of the background noise that can make it hard to distinguish sounds properly. There are several types of hearing aid available. In the Ear This type of hearing aid is a single unit with the batteries, microphone and processor all combined. They are small enough to fit entirely within the ear, although they can vary as to how far in the ear they are placed.

  • 4 Health Benefits of Getting an Adjustable Electric Bed If You Have Chronic Pain

    21 July 2021

    If you have chronic pain, an adjustable electric bed might be the solution to make your life more comfortable, more restful and less painful. Read on to learn all about the benefits it will introduce in your life. 1. Better comfort and sleep Customising your sleep position will guarantee your comfort during the night, which will, in turn, ensure you have a good night's sleep. An electric adjustable bed lets you do just that.